Pixação Attacks

Photos of the Attacks in 2008 against the Belas Artes University, Choque Cultural Gallery, Authorized Graffiti Murals and the 28th Biennial of Arts of São Paulo.






„…Artistic Institutions has oppressed the Imagination & defiled the Intellect, degraded the arts in order to stupefies it and promote spiritual slavery, propaganda for the State and Capitalism, puritanical reaction, unjust profits, lies & aesthetic ruination. When ugliness, rotten design & stupid waste are being imposed on you, become a luddite, throw the shoe in the mechanism, retaliate.
Smash the symbols of the Empire, but do not do in the name of anything other than the pursuit of the heart by grace (…)
Reclaim your humanity & revolt in the name of imagination…“ (Hakim Bey)


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